When life gives you limes

In the previous post, I began to talk about a little experiment that we started. This is due to the common phenomenon, which, I guess, faced most of the women over 30. Nothing to wear.

I assume, often it happens because we used to think about routine things – like the daily outfit – lightly, without a second thought. We choose the easy way to look appropriate.

We buy things and then they are in the closet and waiting in the wings. Often it happens because we keep in mind the only way to wear it. We wore it once and don’t want to look the same next time, but we don’t even consider other choices. Why? There are many reasons why: weariness, laziness, fear, lack of time. Everyone has their own cause. In the worst case, we don’t have even that only option.

So, from month to months rather often we buy something, put it one or two times and forget about it forever. It’s kinda “fast food” for our wardrobe. As result, we have overblown closets, but we still have nothing to wear.

That’s how Puzzle section was born. In this category of our blog, we’ll choose a limited number of things and try to make maximum possible combinations of them. Moreover, in follow-up for this the other section “Outfit Chain” will appear on the blog soon, in which we’ll continue to offer outfit ideas with the items shown in Puzzle section changing or adding only one thing.

Maybe, one day we’ll even run a competition among the subscribers on the longest outfit chain 🙂 But that’s  for the future, and now let’s get back to the Outfit Number One.

So, I got lucky once. The last lime pants in the store happen to be my size. When life gives me a lime, I make an outfit. Here is the recipe: I take it all with grain of yellow accents, combine it with foggy blue and beige, pull out from the closet things has been forgotten and blend it all with a drop of shiny smiles, then have a dance to the good music:)

outfit #1 color palette



outfit #1 on the go

back view outfit#1

Those Banana Republic’s Logan Fit lime color pants were sold out almost immediately and today you can found similar fit but in different colors: taupe, navy, and wine.

Shirt-dress by Native Youth I bought in Urban Outfitters store, but you can find it now on Asos.com. At the same place, I picked up Kimchi’s backpack. In UO’s online store you can find it in bright-blue color.

Shoes by Nine West. The good thing in this Jackpot model is a variety of color. There are about 30 vibrant hues. So, you can select the right color to match the pants without a great deal of difficulty. 

Please, don’t be upset about limes that life gave to someone else because it’s your chance to try taupenambur :))

Look what beautiful color combinations can happen with a bluish gray shirt-dress, taupe pant, shoes in one color with pants, to visually lengthen legs and bright blue accents,

color palette taupe

or monochrome palette with the navy pants,

color palette navy

or burgundy pants

color palette burgundy

So, what’s the point? If life gives you something – use it. You gonna be just fine.

Con amore, Alice

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