Let’s puzzle out!

Howdy weirdrobees!

Let’s run a small experiment today! How many outfits I would gather if I could choose only 10 items of all varieties of my weirdrobe to use? And what those things would be?

The very first thing what my hands reached out was lime-colored pants from Banana Republic – one of the most successful purchases of this summer. I like them for the bright color and the way they fit me.

However, lime green is very difficult color to combine. Experts recommend to combine it with burgundy, coral, emerald green, brown, blue and yellow. Nevertheless, there is no way to wear lime green with grey. Never. In no case. Just don’t do this. Because they said so.

Outfit #1

That’s exactly why as a companion to my lime pants, I chose a charcoal grey dress-shirt from Native Youth. As an accents I chose a bright yellow suede shoes and beige with yellow backpack, as well as necklaces and sunglasses. So, I used 7 out of 10 items to make my first outfit.

lime and blue fjord outfit

Outfit #2

Well, actually, I’m not as rebellious as it may seem. So, a dress-shirt, though looks like dark-grey, but it is not – sunshine makes it look like a deep blue. On the “color design language”, which is similar to the elven, it named a blue fjord.

white and blue fjord outfit

Outfit #3

This bluish tinge is great to combine with lime and beige, ivory and white. So that’s why the following 2 things from 10 became white A-line midi skirt and beige leather shoes. 

beige and lime outfit

Outfit #4

The last 10th thing is the knitted beige top from LOFT, which I first wore with lime pants, and then with a white skirt.

beige and white outfit

As a result, I got 4 outfits. It might turn out all 5, but put on a dress-shirt like a dress I didn’t dare, because the fabric is not dense enough.

Now, if you’d like to see how does it look in real life, welcome to the following posts. 

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